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Shank Stew and Steamfried Squash

Shank stew

Throw 2 beef shanks and half a pound of braising steak in a crock pot, add a few garlic cloves, two bays leaves, a lemon, halved, and a good shake of herbs de provence before covering-just-with water. Then set the pot to low and leave it all day (mine was on for over 10 hours).

‘Steamfried’ butternut squash

Chop up a butternut or other winter squash into thin slices- I sliced with rounds against the length and then sliced each round into quarters.

Heat up a frying pan with some butter and a shake of chilli flakes and when the butter has melted, add in the squash pieces. Cover with a few ladles of the broth from the stew and top up with some hot water (you can use all broth if you like, but I wanted to keep as much as possible, just using enough to add some flavour). Let the squash cook away until soft, topping up the liquid if required, but letting it dry out a bit once it’s cooked through so you get a few crispy bits.

Just before serving, lift the bay leaves out of the stew, and squeeze the lemon flesh into the stew, discarding any pips. Dress with plenty of fresh parsley and serve with the squash.


Continuing the autumn theme, I had some gently stewed garden plums with cinnamon and plain yogurt as a little treat. It’s getting all cool and breezy here, and the leaves are starting to fall!