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Congratulations…on your new gut flora!

I think I might have found a probiotic that actually works for me. Up until recently, I was taking magnesium citrate to counteract my chronic constipation. While the ancestral diet has done wonders for my other IBS symptoms (cramps, noxious wind, bloating), the constipation never really went away. I tried some over the counter probiotics, but I just got bloated. Last week, I was so constipated, I upped my magnesium dose for a few days straight, and when I started working I stopped. I suffered from diarrhea for two days, but that was probably a good thing. So, already a bit messed up, I thought it might be the right time to try a therapeutic dose probiotic, so I tracked down Bio Kult. What can I say, I don’t remember ever being this free from my gut problems. Initially I was a bit gurgley, but that settled quickly. It’s actually scary how used I had got to being constipated. It seems to suggest what I had suspected- that my constipation was because of low gut bacteria. I have found though that seedy berries or things like tomato skins can be felt making their way through, so I still have to be choosey about types of fibre. One type that doesn’t bother me is potatoes (although boiled skins are a bit tough to digest).

Coconutty potatoes

Boil some potatoes until soft (I didn’t peel mine out of lack of time, but I peel them off as I eat).

Make some coconut milk (I make mine from dessicated coconut flakes or blocks of pressed dried coconut).

In a saute pan, gently heat some cooking suitable fat, coconut oil is good here although you could use ghee or butter. I cooked some onion and cabbage before adding tomato passata (no skins or seeds, hoorah) and the coconut milk, as well as some garam masala and the potatoes, and let it putter away on low for half an hour.

I ate some last night as is, and had the rest today with a nugget of raw milk cheese. As you can see, the coconut sauce is not all smooth and emulsified because it doesn’t have any weird things like guar gum in it.


A final note on the probiotic stuff- Bio Kult is the probiotic developed by the doctor who wrote the GAPS diet. It seems to be working great for me, but I doubt it works for everyone. I was skeptical that high dose probiotics could work at all, and was amazed that this did, but I still doubt that everyone will have the same experience. There are other therapeutic dose probiotics out there, like VSL3, Mutaflor and Primal Defense. It’s apparently quite common with these high strength probiotics to experience a worsening of symptoms before they ameliorate, so it’s good to bear with something for a while if at first things are worse rather than better. This effect has been called ‘die off’, I don’t think I experienced it, but you may well do if you decide to try these things, and you may also find your IBS or IBD doesn’t get better at all. I am now coming round to the idea that oral probiotics are worth trying, having previously doubted their efficacy at all. So if you try Bio Kult and it doesn’t work, it might be worthwhile experimenting with the other ones. They all have different strains in differing amounts, and gut flora is rather varied.