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I am so glad to be back posting, I didn’t mean to leave it so long. However, I’ve been pretty busy. I spent the first two weeks of September on holiday in the south of Spain, and I got engaged! The holiday was complete switch off from the interwebs and when I got back I spent the time catching up with family and friends about our News. We picked a ring the day after we got back and it’s now being made, I won’t have it until mid October at the earliest, but I shall put a little photo up when I get it:)

I have also been doing some major dietary experimenting. My probiotic miracle cure didn’t last very long, and I was back to being constipated. Basically, I think the improvement in constipation was just some more of the magesnium hanging around in my colon. Since I got back from holiday I have been experimenting with the dosage of magnesium. The problem is, my gut transit time is so slow that the magnesium, even if taken only a teaspoon a day, starts to build up before it becomes effective, and then it makes things a bit too loose.

Although I stayed away from live internet, I downloaded all the articles from Ray Peat’s site to read while I was away, and I started implementing his ideas, because I’m pretty much convinced I have estrogen dominance, which is somewhat suppressing my thyroid, causing the cold intolerance, dry skin, constipation and haemorrhoids, stiff shoulders and hip joints, amenorrhea, insomnia, irritability, tiredness, chunky hips, purple skin, restless legs…I think I must have always had some estrogen dominance, even before I started taking the pill, because I started taking it because of painful periods. So it probably didn’t cause the estrogen dominance, but it certainly made it a lot worse. I remember the first time I went off the pill for a while, I lost 7  pounds in a week, probably all water, and felt pretty good, although I did have 6 months of amenorrhea a few months after quitting. Then my periods got painful, and I went back on the pill for three years. I quit in January 2010, and I’ve had two periods since. My cold intolerance just seems to get worse and worse, and except for high summer, my skin is extremely dry and cracked, and bleeds across the knuckles. The mild constipation I have had for a long time got a lot worse when I gave up the pill, and it’s pretty awful now, no matter how much or little fibre I eat. All these things have made me desperate enough for improvement that I can’t just stop where I am with my diet. Ray Peat’s work has convinced my that there is still hope for a major improvement through diet. I have reintroduced fruit, now being a staple in my diet (blueberries, bananas, oranges, cherimoyas, mangoes, cherries, peaches etc), raw carrot salads, white rice and potatoes, cooking in coconut oil, plenty of milk, cheese, some eggs, gelatinous cuts of beef and lamb, some shellfish and white fish, and my favourite, some ice-cream. I had it every day on holiday:D Breakfast is usually a bowl of frozen seedless berries or melon with milk, a sprinkle of crispy rice cereal, maybe an egg and a cup of milky coffee. I eat a tangerine or something if I get hungry between meals (getting hungry seems to be a major stressor for me, I get very irritable and light headed, so trying to avoid that), lunch is raw carrots, cheese and fruit or some shellfish and rice and an orange, dinner is gelatinous stew, eggs and white fish and potatoes or rice.

Danny Roddy’s concise guide to ‘Peatarian’ inspired eating for hair health has helped enormously in working out what to eat, although I do not eat as raw as Danny, and I eat more starch in the form of potatoes and white rice, which offer me some bulk and I find very easy to digest. I haven’t ventured into OJ territory, and I haven’t had ice-cream since I got back from holiday, although I’m thinking of making a kind of frozen milk+OJ thing with gelatin. I am also fast running down my little jar of coconut oil that I had for ages, but now that I am using it as my main fat, even more than butter, I need to get some more, but I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to buy here in the UK. I might order Nutiva stuff off iherb. It’s also interesting to hear one of my favourite ‘paleo’ bloggers come out an say he doesn’t think sugar from fruit is problematic, or even a few ounces of sucrose everyday.

So far, the only improvement I have seen is massively improved sleep. I didn’t realise that I never sleep through the night, but since the beginning of this week, that’s exactly what’s been happening. I’m amazed. What I’m really hoping to see soon though is some sort of improvement in the constipation, because I think until that happens, I’m just not going to be able to get rid of all the excess estrogen. I have also started taking a tincture of agnus castus again, and although I’m not keen on weird medicines, I am seriously considering some sort of progesterone or prenenolone supplementation.

Other changes are coming my way, I begin a Biology degree at the beginning of October (as a first step towards nutrition research or dietetics), so I shall have less time, but I hope to keep blogging about my experiments. Maybe this won’t bring me the health improvements I desire, but at the moment, it seems like the best dietary intervention for my circumstances. Only time will tell!


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  1. I definitely think that studying Bio and nutrition will give you some insight. The medical world has a whole different perspective on nutrition than the nutritionist world, and everybody’s different from us holistic, herbal, and naturopath heads. My brother is nearly finished his nursing clinicals, and we go back and forth about nutrition and holistic healing often. (He’s pro-home birth, but very cautious about herbal supplements). So there’s interesting insight he’s gathered from school that I don’t have. I look forward to reading your findings!

    October 21, 2011 at 16:28

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