My nutrition experiments

Fighting stress with whole foods

I got over my little rut of not so ideal eats- not completely off the band wagon, but ice-cream a bit more often than ‘occasional indulgence’ and even some gluten which was disastrous. As long as I have plenty of vegetables and good quality meat on hand, plenty of canned fish for emergency lunches and a couple of eggs in the fridge, it’s all good. I also like to snack on raw milk cheeses these days.

At the moment, there is some organic bacon, beef mince and smoked mackerel in the fridge, and a couple of beef bones in the freezer for making broth during the week. I also picked up some good quality beef dripping for cooking my vegetables in. I am eating lots of potatoes as well as plenty of greens like collards and kale and some root vegetables. After a period of almost fruit avoidance, I am eating apples again as they are coming into season here and also some berries. The format of meals at the moment is potatoes and vegetables with fat (good butter, cream, creme fraiche, cheese or animal fat) and some meat, but not lots. I tried out 2 meals a day for a while and loved it, but only when I wasn’t working. So it’s a good format for weekend eating, but I get very weak if I don’t eat some sort of breakfast before my walk to work.

With plenty of good fats and some carbs, I have no desire to eat crap. I’m still loving the Archevore protocol- I find it the simplest approach to making good choices.

After the gluten episode, I ended up with a nasty bout of constipation. Magnesium for a couple of evenings in a row helped a bit, as did cold potatoes (resistant starch perhaps- when I’m IBS-y other roots and tubers make me gassy) and bone broth. I think eggs sometimes be a bit problematic for me, and certainly if I eat any amount of lean meat. These days my go to choice is lamb.

Recent meals:

Lamb mince, za’atar, cauliflower and some onion and passata, on a bed of lettuce

Venison sausages (gluten free), lettuce, baked potato, plenty of butter and sheep’s cheese

Slow cooked bony lamb bits, raw milk hard cheese

More lamb broth, with grated carrots

Lamb shoulder steak, potatoes boiled and finished in the lamb fat, rocket and beets


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