My nutrition experiments

Birthday weekend

Not mine, but my boyfriend’s. I went with a spanish theme as we’re going on holiday to Andalucia in a few week’s and we’ve also been watching Rick Stein’s cooking series in Spain. As much as I love my ancestral diet, I also love really tasty food and a little deviation every now and again is a good reminder that food is about conviviality and pleasure, and not just about optimum nutrition. So there were a few NADs in the meal, but no processed crap.

We had tapas with Tio Pepe sherry to start:

Sourdough smeared with lots of garlic and olive oil, some with anchovies, some with tomato, pickled onions, manchego cheese and some cured spanish meat- chorizo, serrano and lomo, wrinkly black olives with chilli flakes.

A huge paella with mussels and monkfish from the farmer’s market.

And we finished up with an orange baked cheesecake. I just used loads of cream cheese and fromage frais, separated eggs and a few tablespoons of honey, although the base was made with fancy chocolate almond biscotti. Because of the egg white (I think) the surface cracked quite badly, but it was really light and yummy nonetheless- I have lost my touch for baking though!

Happy birthday darling:)

(dished out paella and dessert serving photos courtesy of one of our guests)


One response

  1. You lost your touch for baking?! Never! That cake sounds awesome!

    August 31, 2011 at 07:30

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