My nutrition experiments

Za’atar lamb and roast parsnips

This week I’m going back to three meals as it keeps me a bit better fueled during the working day, although I’m not terribly hungry first thing. I cooked some bacon and had two rashers for breakfast and the other two with avocado, homemade salsa and salad leaves for lunch. The wonderful Tamworth bacon is deliciously fatty, so I poured it into a little dish for later. Tonight I used it to roast some parsnips.

Bacon grease parsnips

A couple of tablespoons of bacon grease (beef dripping is actually nicer if you have it)
A teaspoon of honey (Nigel Slater reckons that despite being quite a sugary root, parsnip’s earthy flavour comes out more with a little sugar)
A sprinkle of nutmeg
1kg parnsips (I used 5)

Chop the parsnip into chunks, roughly about an inch cubed. Boil for 10 minutes. Mix up the bacon grease with the honey and nutmeg, and a little black pepper.

Drain the parsnips, make sure to put the lid back on the pan and shake up a bit to fluff up the edges, this will make the parsnips have nice crispy bits. Heat the bacon grease mix on a preheated tray, then pour on the parsnips, be careful of the hot fat. Three quarters of an hour in a hot oven should do it.

I had mine with organic ground lamb with sauteed with onion, new garlic, grated carrot and parsnip, some tomato paste and lots of za’atar. Please track down this delicious middle eastern mix of sumac, thyme and sesame seeds- it tastes divine with lamb.

I now have loads of tasty vegetabley lamb for tomorrow. As long as I have plenty of good food to hand with no prep required, I can eat well throughout a busy working day, it really helps make it a bit more bearable!


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