My nutrition experiments

Real Food Weekend

Weekends are what makes it bearable- time to get plenty of sleep, fresh air and make really good food.

We got the messages, errands and cleaning out of the way on saturday morning. I did no cooking, instead I had lots of tasty leftover coconut cabbage and cauliflower with slow cooker roast beef, for both my meals, so good!

Delicious golden gravy with yummy fat globules

I got through Zuzana’s new 300 rep workout in the afternoon, and was a sweaty mess. Hard, but gives you a glow:) We spent the evening curled up by the TV, watching the original True Grit and sipping fancy cider.

This morning I treated myself to some Tamworth unsmoked back bacon that I picked up from Pheasant’s Hill Farm at St George’s farmers market. I had a cool chat with the farmer about the healthiness of saturated fat and favourable PUFA ratios in pastured eggs. This lovely bacon had plenty of the good stuff so there was no need to add any fat to the pan to cook my eggs in. I had the bacon and eggs with my boyfriend’s leftover potatoes and salad leaves.

This set me up nicely for a nice walk up to the Giant’s Ring, a henge monument in the Lagan Valley, south of Belfast.

I spent the afternoon reading, dozing and cuddling up to the boyfriend. Hunger struck at 5, and we had a delicious plate of buttery, cheesey, creamy cod with little waxy organic potatoes from the market and salsa with local tomatoes.

Cod panfried in butter, new garlic and a little onion; a decent splash of double cream, a bit more butter and pecorino romana cheese at the end, also some parsley and black pepper. The salsa was three tomatoes, a few teaspoons of finely chopped onion, garlic and parsley, finally a generous couple of pinches of salt and a few sloshes of apple cider vinegar. I don’t really ‘do’ recipes.

This is turning into John Wayne weekend as we’re going to watch The Shootist later, and I have two very ripe bananas to do something with, probably involving some greek yogurt or double cream and cinnamon:)


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