My nutrition experiments

Slow cooker love

I couldn’t have bought my slow cooker at a better time. Work is really busy and stressful, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is cook. A couple of minutes in the morning means a decent dinner in the evening. Especially because I haven’t been eating well during the day, typically not preparing enough to bring with me and then having chocolate in the afternoon to get me through, and then wine in the evenings to calm me down and help me sleep. So a bit of a mixed bag, and I’m looking forward to the weekend to recalibrate a bit. I much prefer two big meals a day, but I don’t have time to eat a big meal late morning/noon while at work, and it knocks me out a bit. By the time I get hungry in the morning, I haven’t time to stop and eat, and I get really crabby and don’t also make the best food choices. Maybe I’ll get my schedule to match my hunger before it drives me insane!

Anyway, my slow cooker made quite a treat out of a beef roast (10 hours on slow, with a few garlic cloves, some tomato paste, herbs de provence and water half way covering the joint). Tonight I had some of the fall-apart meat with some coconutty curried cabbage and cauliflower.

slow cooker roast coconut curried vegetables

I made sure to get some fish this week too, and panfried the salmon this time, as my boyfriend prefers the skin crispy. The potato slices were microwaved first, then roasted in coconut oil and spices.

Here’s to a healthy, stress free weekend!


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