My nutrition experiments

Evolved cocoa

Most mornings it takes me at least 2 hours from rising to work up an appetite. This morning I was hungry pretty much straight away. This was probably because I’d indulged in a restaurant trip the night before (pretty much as strict as home main course and a gluten free but sugar containing dessert) which I have always found leaves me hungry the next morning; the degree of hungry being directly corrlated with the volume of food consumed the night before, up to a point of course (I don’t eat food to uncomfortableness at all any more, but I was replete all the same). Instead of waiting until lightheadedness ensued, I made myself this little beauty:

I heated up a tablespoon of cocoa powder, two big tablespoons of organic creme fraiche (fermented cream) and topped up with boiling water, whisked away until fully homogenised and piping hot. It was really rich, so much so I couldn’t finish it. It did the job of keeping me motoring along all morning until my proper meal at midday- salmon, mixed veggies (collards, peppers, turnip, new potatoes) in some coconut milk, and some strong cheddar. Evening was some delicious ground lamb, spices and tomatoes on a few cups of salad leaves and a generous sprinkling of more cheese. As good as it gets, and as always, wonderfully easy to digest.


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