My nutrition experiments

Brown rice and frozen veggies for teenage boys???

The above article was in my digestive health smartbrief today. It goes to show fear of fat and other myths of ‘nutritionism’ prevail even when trying to feed a growing boy. Pretty hard to get up to 4000 healthy calories unless you add some fatty meat or butter into the mix. The article also suggests teenage boys don’t need that much protein, and that smoothies are a protein packed snack. Unless ‘protein’ is the new word for ‘fructose’, someone’s got it a little wrong. Anyway.

The weather has turned here in Kerry:( We had four sunny days, today, however, has been a washout. I picked up a pile of fresh sea bass for dinner tonight, and I’m going to get stuck into gutting it pretty soon, as soon as I wash the mist and muck off from my afternoon walk. Better make sure I don’t give too much fish to my brothers, and fill their plates with ‘nutritious’ brown rice.




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