My nutrition experiments

Healthy cooking fats- Grassfed butter


Recently I got some organic butter in the supermarket- made by Yeo Valley. It’s pretty delicious, and is made from the milk of cows fed on clover rich grass. Yum!
This morning I gently heated a tablespoon in which I cooked some cabbage and eggs. It made a really great breakfast- protein, veggies, fat- CHECK.


I used to cook my eggs in olive oil, and as much as I love the taste of the green stuff, I’m warming up to saturated fat, especially for cooking. The main reason is that I keep reading about saturated fat, especially butter and coconut with their short and medium chain fatty acids, being really good for gut healing. I’m also really working hard to drive down the omega6:omage3 ration of my diet. To that end, I try to eat oily fish everyday, taken one cod liver oil capsule (1g fish oil), pretty much avoid nuts (walnuts once in a blue moon) and eat only organic meat and very little poultry.
Here are some links on the healthfulness of butter:
I also enjoy coconut oil and milk as a fat source, and fatty bits of organic pork and beef, especially long stewed joints. I had some pretty ugly but yummy pork belly with sweet potatoes a few days ago:

breakfast at my desk

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